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10 Beautiful decorating ideas with light garlands

Usually many people use garlands only during the holiday season or on festive occasions. But should we use the garlands as decoration only during these periods? No, you don’t have to wait for them just during the holiday season. String lights can brighten up even the drab corners of your home and are so easy to set up and show off that it takes virtually no effort. And why did you buy them, if you weren’t going to use them?

So if you miss the Christmas and New Years festivities, you can recreate the magic without having to wait for a party! In this article you will discover 10 beautiful and modern ideas to inspire you and brighten up your interior and your mood at the same time! And you don’t need a lot – a few nails maybe, a little creativity, and a willingness to try something new.

1. An idea for your photos

Now you can hang your favorite photos on a string of fairy lights using wooden clothespins for a unique gallery wall idea. This will breathe new life into your space and add a nice touch of originality.

2. The transformation of a shelf

You have had a shelf for a few years but you do not find it to your decor or sad? No worries, you can turn a boring shelf into a new and original one simply by adding garlands to it. It will restore life and beauty to it.

3. The transformation of an object

How to change the decor of an ordinary object? Simply turn an ordinary glass jar into a stunning new work of art by lighting string lights inside. As soon as you do, you will be amazed at the dramatic change it brings.

4. The transformation of your mirror

You can add bling and a huge dose of personality and charm to your large mirror by framing it with fairy lights. In an instant you will have a large fairy mirror, not to say a mirror worthy of the stars.

5. The transformation of your wall

Besides the items, you can embellish a wall with magic lights, a few nails, and tons of creativity. So charming garlands will make your wall attractive and original.

6. Original partitions

Did you know that fairy lights make great room dividers? Try it for yourself and you will have beautiful partitions that are just as original and visually breathtaking.

7. Plant transformation

Now you can add charm to your indoor plants by draping fairy lights on them. From now on, plants will captivate your guests and increase the charm of your space.

8. A wall that bears your name

Write your name on a wall and make it look gorgeous. So you can trace your favorite word on the wall with these twinkling lights. Your guests will not forget your name anytime soon!

9. The transformation of your garden

Another cool idea is that you can also pick twigs from your garden and make framed wall art using string lights. It will give your garden a little extra and you will stand out from the crowd.

10. The transformation of the window corner

Dress up a window corner with these amazing decorative elements, for original mood lighting.

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