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9 Original open shelving ideas

Think about storage and you’ll probably think of the spaces hidden behind closed doors. The problem is solved with the open shelving which has established itself as a prominent design element in interior design as it creates waves with the variety of different spaces in which it is incorporated. Open shelving is not only stunning in their appearance, but they are also inexpensive to incorporate into any decor. Here are 9 creative ways to incorporate open shelving into your home and interiors.

1. Divide to win

Shelves can make great room dividers and can not only divide a space, but also house knick-knacks, keepsakes, or books. This can be especially useful in studios where space is usually a constraint.

The use of open shelves, whether high or low, allows light to flow from one part of the room to another, while delimiting the spaces according to their function.

2. A bookcase in white

You can get open wall bookcases in white that can fit into any space with their simplicity and elegance. Not to mention their neutral color, which adds beauty to the decor.

3. The home office

One of the best ways to incorporate open shelving is to use them to create a nook, which can become your home office. Whether you decide to use a wall in your living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen, you need to keep in mind that you would need at least 30 inches of wall space to hold your desk against and depth. at least 42 inches to sit. Once you figure this out, you can set up your open shelving above your table. Besides, you can make the space bright and attractive by painting the wall behind the shelves in a bright and eye-catching color.

4. A storage door

If you have a wide door between two rooms, it can be the perfect place to incorporate open shelving, which will not only give you extra storage space to display your books, but improve the appearance of the door as well.

5. A gallery wall

Incorporating open shelving on a wall can help you display a lot of framed artwork instead of just one or two. You are free to create a gallery wall and even show off your entire collection of framed photographs and artwork.

6. As storage in the pantry

The shelves on display can work very well in your pantry, but you’ll need to decant your supplies into simple, uniform jars so that your pantry doesn’t end up looking like a grocery store.

7. As a media wall

Use selective shelving to turn your boring TV wall into a stylish display space. By installing shelving around your flat screen, you can use them to store small gadgets and other knick-knacks, balancing gadgets and other items on display. Just make sure that nothing on this wall competes with that wall’s primary feature – your TV.

8. Shelves at the end of the cabinets

You must use this space at the end of your cabinets. Add small shelves at their ends and you have extra storage space for your drinking glasses or spice jars.

9. A place to display your curated collection

The best use of open shelves will always be to display your collections. From vintage artwork to heirlooms, open shelves allow you to display all of your much-loved artwork. You’ll need to remember, however, that each item you decide to put on display needs a reasonable amount of breathing space around it, so that shelf space doesn’t feel cluttered.

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