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How can the design describe the personality of the owner

How can the design describe the personality of the owner

Interior design is a suitable way to beautify your space. Generally the way of decorating a space often describes the personality of the owner. Design reveals our social half, our general taste, our personality in the most direct way. Further on, we will present you five living rooms and we will try to describe in a few words the personality of the inhabitants through it.


Today, most people are familiar with the concept of minimalism, which is about reducing things to their most basic form. It can be applied to everything from art and lifestyles to architecture and interior design.

Minimalist interior design is very similar to modern interior design and involves using the essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space.

 It is characterized by its simplicity, clean lines and a monochrome palette with color as an accent. It typically combines an open plan, lots of light, and functional furnishings, and it focuses on form, color, and texture in just a few essentials.

 Five words that would describe the personality that inhabits minimalist interior design would be perfectionist, methodical, efficient, determined and introverted.


Geometric shapes, natural materials, predominance of white and pastel colors, Scandinavian design asserts itself as an essential style of decoration.

This clean design draws its inspiration from nature and the hostile winter environment of the Nordic countries where comfort and functionalism are the golden rules.

 In this scene, our individual places comfort, coziness and warmth above efficiency.

He presents himself more through his design while maintaining social boundaries, for him belonging to cultural life is very important, he values ​​his friends a lot and he cares about their comfort, it shows through the furnishings and attention to comfort and entertainment.

In Scandinavian interior design, attention is drawn more to the dialogist than to the television, our inhabitant relies on friends and friendships, social, interested in culture, chick and elegant.


Provocative, daring and colorful, a pop art interior is suitable for creative, active, cheerful and determined people. It is an energetic decorating style.

 A pop art decor is a style that easily stands out from the crowd and goes beyond the standard rules for interior decoration. It’s a style that strikes us with its individuality.

 Pop art is really cool, without a doubt these interiors are very stylish, elegant and really daring. The use of bright colors and unconventional artwork is almost mandatory.

It’s an interior with a whole story behind it, every element has substance, in this design line the individual can be read through the furniture on display, the style allowing for a wide range. Every element and detail can be interpreted as a piece of history in the life of the inhabitant.

 The design line can house an individual with a great interest in art, history, and different unusual colors, they have a complex personality defined by their own perspective on the world, usually a very different perspective on life compared to the large majority. our self inhabiting such a conception is complex, mysterious, different, elegant and fresh.


Shabby chic interior design is defined by elegance more than anything at first glance.

The inhabitant of such a scene is definitely a happy, positive, friendly and social person. He is optimistic and in fact tries to spread this healthy attitude in his social group. Light enlivens airy, airy and colorful interiors.

 He looks into an object; it takes care of aesthetic values and quality without losing them. This style is definitely a hard to control, charismatic, very social, artistic, fresh and nature loving style.


Vintage interior design is found everywhere. This design still reflects a very unique inhabitant as it is remarkably different.

The aesthetic value of such an interior is subjugated by the accessories and small details, while for the inhabitant of such a design objects are bearers of style in a period of time and a well-defined memory.

There are different design patterns that are invoked in more vintage interiors, but they are materialized differently 99% of the time, some patterns are worth mentioning: leather travel cases, the British flag, old historical maps, dematerialized boats or glass bottle boats. people.very complex, determined, motivated, well read and perfectionist.

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