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Ways to Decorate Your Home with Garland

Long chains of leaves or flowers, recognized as garlands, have been around for centuries. They were initially in use in religious ceremonies, but over time were more commonly in use as decorations in homes and also other buildings at times of celebration. They were worn during weddings, festivals, and placed on statues. Today, the garland is most usually used to decorate homes for the holidays, and there are more than a dozen diverse ways to do so, with a variety of materials.
Places to Beautify With Garland
There are abundant ways to decorate a home with garland. Inside the house are a excessive many surfaces that one can adorn with garlands, both traditional and the unexpected.
The staircase can essentially offer two decorating options. First is the handrail, where garland can be wrap around depending on the wishes of the decorator.


For those wishing to avoid possible scratches on the stair railing, and also leave that area open for hands, the spindles are an alternative option.


Fireplace Mantel
The fireplace mantel is one of the more old-style areas, where garlands can drape over the top and also hung down the sides.

fireplaceFront Door Entrance
Garlands hung over the front door entrance can deal guests a warm decorative greeting.

front doorKitchen Cabinet
The kitchen has numerous surfaces that one can adorn with garland. A high cabinet draped with greenery and also soft lights can add the holiday feeling to any meal.

kitchen cabinet

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