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5 Best Office Design Ideas & Trends

Just about everyone has to bring work home with them at some time, whether that be a stack of paperwork or saved on a laptop. If you’re not an office worker then perhaps you need a dedicated spot to sort the household bills and correspondence. Even the kids need an area to sit and concentrate on homework or do computer research. Whatever your needs, the chances are that you need a home office – whether that looks like a complete room, a nook, or a pull-out shelf, that’s up to you. Here are 5 modern home office ideas to help you decide, and inspire the design of your study space decor.

Large table

office table

A large table in this home office setup acts as a double-sided desk for two users. This is particularly suitable if you’d like a dual home office space that doubles as a dining room because by just adding a few more chairs you’ve got an ideal family eating area. Just make sure you have plenty of space nearby to properly clear away all work things before dinner

Designer table lamp

office table

A small home office may benefit from having fitted furniture, with a made-to-measure desk and units. This fitted desk sweeps over the top of a unique trash can, which is available here, to join with a matching cupboard and bookshelves. A few stylish monochrome prints decorate the free wall space around the window, and a designer table lamp adorns the worktop.

Individual spaces

office table

Two individual spaces in the unusual home office layout are a wonderful design. It is an asymmetrical desk that mirrors a unique cutaway window. The window slices through the wall and ceiling as though the building itself has been cracked in two. The wireless Apple keyboards look pretty in any sort of setup.

 Lounge Areas

office table

Lounging may sound counterproductive to getting work done, but comfort plays a major role in creativity. A place to kick your feet up and brainstorm ideas for a project is just what the mind and body need! Lounge areas can also encourage people to rise early to have a cup of coffee and relax in the office before they start their workday, or to stick around during their lunch break because they can actually get comfortable at work.

Modern Integrations in Furniture

office table

Furniture that caters to everyday life makes working easier. Being connected to energy and the internet keeps us all sane, as well as productive, but it isn’t always pretty. Desks and work areas that successfully and seamlessly integrate technology while hiding how unbecoming it has a form that serves a big purpose.

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