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5 Walk In Wardrobes That Will Give You Deep Closet Envy

A walk-in wardrobe is an inspirational aspect of home design–especially when it is one that is spacious with a closet system that is as stylish as the clothing collection it holds. This collection of 40 custom walk-in wardrobe designs show just how luxurious these tucked-away spaces can be made to feel. Our curated gallery of designs features beautiful finishes, attractive accent pieces, both stunning and practical lighting installations, and extensive closet organization ideas. Find inspiration to maximize the potential of small hidden away bedroom closets and large dedicated dressing rooms alike, with ideas to fit all kinds of aesthetics, color schemes, and budgets.

Light it up:

Chandeliers, illuminated garment rails, and backlit shelves; all are welcome. A chandelier has been an ideal solution to not only light any area but also to add class and elegance to your home. It is an ornamental light fixture on ceilings or walls.

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Add ottoman:

An ottoman in the center of a walk-in wardrobe is a great idea when trying on shoes or laying down outfit choices. A storage bench is an even better choice to maximize space. An ottoman is a piece of furniture. Generally, ottomans have neither backs nor arms.

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Add reading area

Closets are quiet with no outside distractions, so why not incorporate a reading area in there too? Your reading area should include comfortable seating (bean bag chairs, pillows, carpet squares, even a small couch, if possible); a plant or two, and also a couple of lamps for the atmosphere.

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Wraparound Design

The wraparound. This layout allows the owner to take full advantage of incoming natural light. In the evenings, a designer table lamp is on hand to lighten the selection process. Lighting is one element of interior design. But, when you consider it, the lack of proper lighting can have a tremendous impact on interior design.


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Lounge chair

A well-placed chaise lounge chair just oozes luxury. Over the centuries it’s was known as—chaise, daybed, divan, settee, recamier, kline, meridienne, fainting couch, deck chair, and also lounge chair. But no matter what you call it, all these terms hinge on a classic, long-seated chaise lounge style.


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