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Transform your home with mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to decorate your home, especially if you have a small home. They are good and usable for many reasons. They not only reflect light, but also open up closed spaces, making them bigger and brighter.

Besides, mirrors can have a modern, classic, retro or traditional look just by the frame in which you choose to hang them. And the effect that these different types of mirrors will have is entirely different. Let’s take a look in this article. You were discovering a few different ways to use mirrors to not only beautify a living space, but also to visually enlarge it.

1.The position of the mirror according to a space

Many people easily opt to have a mirror depending on the availability of their space. But is it really the best option? Generally, it is not a good idea to hang a mirror just depending on the space available. It is important to look at what will be reflected there. Hanging it in front of a beautiful lamp, painting or piece of furniture will draw more attention to the object and make it more attractive. This will not only beautify your space but also position your mirror in the best possible way.

2.The position of the mirror according to its shape

Having a mirror is a good idea, position according to its shape is ideal. We understand that the shape of a mirror is essential if we want to give charm to a room. What are some ideas for achieving this feat? It is a great idea to place a full length mirror in a small space. Mirrors create depth in a space and can work wonders in making a small room look big. Besides, a full-length mirror can also be used as a decorative element. How is it possible ? Indeed, the fact of positioning it in length allows to add character to the lowercase space and at the same time to enlarge it by several folds.

3.The position of the mirror in relation to a window

Most of the time we find windows in our spaces so that we can feel good and also so that we feel airy. Very often it is sometimes difficult to find the position of a mirror vis-à-vis a window. If you have a mirror and want to position it well in relation to your window, then do this: It is a good idea to hang a mirror in front of a window. It will double the amount of light filtered into the room and make it brighter and more airy.

4.The position of a mirror in relation to an object of value

Usually in a room, we have objects that are close to our hearts and whose presence we would like to enhance among our guests. In such a case, what can be the best position for your mirror? In addition to placing a mirror in front of an object that you want to emphasize, a mirror should be hung or held at an appropriate height. However, you must understand that it does not need to be at eye level, but positioned according to what you want to reflect.

5.The position of a mirror in relation to a narrow corridor

Having a narrow hallway is not often easy because you need to feel like you are in a spacious place. But with a mirror, you can fix things easily. Mirrors are also great for narrow hallways. It helps to visually expand the space.

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